Experts of seven countries praise the fruit-bearing character of the wine of the region

Seventeen members of the prestigious International Wine Master of Wine Institute based in London, from seven countries met Wednesday for the first time the Ribeira Sacra. After a tasting facilities Abadía da Cova, O Saviñao, they said they had called their attention powerfully fruity characteristics - "extraordinary" came to mean any, of the wines that are harvested on the banks of the rivers Miño and Sil . 
In addition, they also were interested in the way of cultivation, terracing steep slope, and praised, almost in unison, the "stunning" landscape of the Ribeira Sacra. 
The only but put at the end of the tasting of 24 red wines and ten targets, which took place in Abadía da Cova, was found with some broths, they said, "abusing their aging in wood, something that detracts personality to something unique , a difficult wine to get. " They added that the wines of the Ribeira Sacra should "flee to imitate wines from other areas of Spain". 
However, according to those responsible for Abadía da Cova, these experts were "so impressed by all, for territory and our wines, they said they will return to visit sooner rather than later, this area is to have it in mind," he said Evaristo Rodriguez. 
Thursday made visits to other wineries in the appellation of origin Ribeira Sacra and make a trip on the catamaran that crosses the river Sil and which is anchored in Doade. 
Thursday, after finishing his tour of the Ribeira Sacra, members of Master of Wine will be in the designation of origin Monterrei. And it is the first time they visit Galicia and want to know the characteristics of the wines produced under the five seals of quality with which account the autonomous region.

TRAVEL wine regions. The institution Master of Wine, which enjoys great prestige in the wine sector worldwide, held every year two trips to different wine regions of the world with the intention to know their characteristics and peculiarities.

The institute carries more than 60 years promoting professional excellence and knowledge of art, science and especially the wine business. To be a member of this organization must pass rigorous selection tests, both theoretical and practical.


Source: El Progreso