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“In silence and darkness,
the lethargic vine begins to stir…”

Ribeira Sacra represents an unique natural environment, which we have the duty to preserve, so future generations can enjoy it like us.

We are a small family, which has been dedicated for generations to make wines and spirits in the heart of the Ribeira Sacra, in a magical place known as "O Cabo do Mundo".

The aim of Abadía da Cova is to produce wines, liquors and spirits with the least possible intervention, respecting and protecting the environment. The goal that we have marked since the birth of this company is to maintain the authenticity and typicity of our raw material, so that it arrives to our clients with the maximum guarantee of quality and origin.

We are absolutely involved in the viticulture of precision, the conservation of the land, and the respect for the cultural values of our environment. We carry out all the works manually, searching of authentic, healthy and sustainable products to reach the highest quality standards.

Commitment to the environment from a human, cultural and economic perspective

Quality and Origin guarantee

Minimal intervention in the raw material

Bet for wine tourism
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