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We hope that the moment you decant the first bottle, you know a little (or much more) about what was done to achieve it.

Ana V. (Premium Gin) (75 cl)


Premium Gin Premium Abadía da Cova

Anna V is the name of our Premium Gin which is a tribute to our founder, Mrs Ana Vázquez, pioneer, innovator and fundamental basis for the brand that pays tribute, occupies the place that it holds today.

Elaboration: London Dry Gin distillation system. A double distillation of whole and natural wheat grain is carried out. Once the distillate has been obtained, it is macerated with the botanical recipe of Abadía da Cova, which contains juniper berries, coriander seeds, angelica root, tea infusion and orange and lemon skins. When we have extracted everything that interests us, we redistill it to obtain thus a much finer, cleaner and higher quality distillate.

Taste: Visually it is transparent and crystalline. On nose it has intense citrus and fruity notes, with hint of wildflowers and spices. On the palate it is complex and soft, with notes of citrus, minerals and nuances to fruits of bone

Serving temperature: 9° *It is recommended to accompany with an fine slice of apple

Alcohol content: 40% vol.

Capacity: 700 ml

75cl bottle

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