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We hope that the moment you decant the first bottle, you know a little (or much more) about what was done to achieve it.

Abadía da Cova Alma Vella (Ageing Liquor 11 Years) (70 cl)


Alma Vella is a tribute to Eduardo Pondal, staunch defender of the “Galeguista” movement, who will guide all his work to the recovery of Galician language and culture, and to the determined defence of the freedom of his people. A part of his poem "Queixume dos Pinos" is the lyrics of the Galician anthem

Ageing Liquor obtained from the hearts of liquor of our own vinifications protected in the D.O. Ribeira Sacra

Varieties: Albariño, Godello and Mencía

Elaboration: Distillation by stem drag system with rectifiers in stills of 250Kg. Only the hearts of distillation. Besides it is added a part of Lees Distillate, obtained from our best vinifications. Finally, it will be aged in new French limousine oak barrels of 225 litres for more than 11years

Taste: Amber colour with bright and golden edges. Clean and intense. Aroma of toasted hints and dried fruit. Honey, brioche, spicies and hints of wild flowers and smoky notes. On the palate it is elegant and complex. It has a high structure and powerful, tasty, and with strong personality

Serving temperature: 15/18°

Alcohol content: 39% vol.

Capacity: 700 ml

It will be on market in 2018

70cl bottle

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