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We hope that the moment you decant the first bottle, you know a little (or much more) about what was done to achieve it.

Abadía da Cova red barrica


Harvest: 2017

Type of grape: Mencía

Viticulture: heroic in terraces. All works are done manually.

Vineyard: A Seara, A Igrexa and Brinco

Orientation: South – Southeast

Altitude: 310 - 430m

Architecture: In terraces

Soil: Schist, slate and granite soils with variation level in silt, sand and clay

Slope: 45% - 70%

Age of vineyard: 30/40 years

Conduction: espalier at simple and double cord and traditional system

Pruning: Royat and simple Guyot

Density of plantation: 3100 - 4700 vines/ha

Harvest: Manual in boxes of 18 kilos

Heroes: Carlos, Roberto, Manuel and Fernando give their best to bring these vines to a perfect maturation, year after year.

Elaboration: The grape is selected manually. Destemmed, pressed and fermented in French oak truncated conical from 4000 to 7000 litres. Later it is aged on lees in French, American and Central European oak barrel of 400l. Wine is bottled without clarifying to preserve its natural characteristics. It can produce some precipitate in bottle that does not alter its qualities

Vintage: In winter there was a high rainfall and the spring was warmer than usual. The summer accentuated this inertia even more, and the plants ended up suffering at certain times. However, the fruit obtained was of very high quality. The harvest took place between 7th and 14th of September.

Serving temperature: 14º/16º (We recommend you uncork the bottle half an hour before consumption to oxygenate it)

Alcohol content: 13.9% vol.

Total acidity: 5.7 g/l

Save time: from 1 to 8 years. Long-haul wine. It is necessary to wait at least a year for the wine to be perfectly balanced.

Tasting Notes: Cherry red garnet colour, clean and brilliant with ruby edges. Complex and intense bouquet, mineral, with ripe, black and red fruit, shades of coffee, tobacco, and herbal mountain. On the palate, it is intense and tasty, with mature tannins, elegant finish and lengthy persistence.


75cl bottle

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