Mencía Abadía da Cova

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On the steep slopes in the Ribeira Sacra, in these terraces, well drained our granitic-slaty soils, carved from Roman times, and oriented to the South, it is where Mencia obtains its maximum expression and elegance. In Adegas Moure, we take care of it, pamper and selected it to be the basis of our red wines.

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Type of wine: 
Young red
Ribeira Sacra - Galicia
Varietal Wine: 
90% Mencia 10% Native varieties
Type of training: 
90% espalier 10% free
Type of harvest: 
Manual in boxes of 20 kilos
Date of harvest: 
From 12/09/2014
Critical period of consumption: 
2 years
Serving temperature: 
16º /18º
Alcohol content: 
Total acidity: 
5.20 g/l
Residual sugars: 
1,5 g/l
Tasting Notes: 
Cherry red, well-covered, bright with a violet edge. Its bouquet is powerful and clean, red fruit, ripe fruit, floral varietal with a marked personality. On the palate, it is tasty, fruity, redcurrants, blueberries, red candy, minerals with fleshiness and tenderness and with a point of warmth.
Ficha de cata: