El legado de la alquimia


The distillation of bagasse to obtain spirit is completely linked in Galicia to the elaboration of wine, and constitutes an ancestral and deeply practice and linked in the Galician population, as well as in our family.


Our ancestors transmitted us the legacy of alchemy, that millenary art for the obtaining of spirits and liquors of which we are so proud and which also led us to be a driver force of the geographical indication "spirits and traditional liquors of Galicia" approved in the year 1989.

Every day we try to improve and incorporate new knowledge for the single purpose of improving our distillates. We search for intelligent solutions for the conservation of bagasse, to optimise the distillation techniques, and we pamper each step during the stabilization, maceration and ageing of our distillates. All this in order to elaborate the best orujo (spirit) of Galicia, the most representative of a long and successful tradition.

Detalle de la escotilla del alambique donde se destila nuestro licor de hierbas Abadía da Cova.

The method

Our spirits are distillated only from our wines and the grapes under the D.O. Ribeira Sacra. Our spirit and liquors are also under the Geographical Indication of traditional Spirits and Liquors in Galicia.

The method used for obtaining our spirit and liquors is known as the distillation by the steam drag system, which is elaborated at control temperature in small tanks of distillation or pots of 250kg. We only take advantage of the hearts of Distillation with the best aromatic fraction, which are manually selected by our master distillers José and José Ramón.

In our distillery, besides our spirits, liquors and creams, we also elaborate a Premium Gin, by the method of London Dry Gin of double distillation. This gin is in marked under the name of the founder, Ana V., to pay tribute to a woman who changed the course of all of us and Adegas Moure.

Detalle de la escotilla del alambique donde se destila nuestro licor de hierbas Abadía da Cova.


Mountain viticulture

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We are distillers

Our ancestors transmitted us the legacy of alchemy.
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