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Wine is the only work of art which can be drunk”
Luis Fernando Olaverri

The winery beginnings

At the vineyards of the land.


Baldomero Moure started to produce his first wines in one of those small and humble wineries in plot in A Cova. But thanks to Carmen's inheritance and the savings brought from America, he began to acquiring farms in the area and built a winery (on the current farm in Cuñas).

The winery beginnings


In the 1950s, the winery already began to be small, and it was decided to build a larger and more modern one. It currently houses the barrel room and the room of vinification of wines aged in wood. Here we elaborate on truncated-cone wooden casks of French oak between 3000 and 7000 litres of capacity and carry out ageing in oak barrels of different origins.

At the vineyards of the land.


At the beginning of the years 2000, the main winery was built, which currently houses the laboratory, the tasting room and is the place where we produce young wines and small vinifications and experimental trials. We work with stainless steel, although we use other materials in the experimental area. This winery was conceived in order to operate by gravity and with the highest technology to respect to the maximum the integrity of the grape.

We all take care of the winery. But our technical responsibles are in charge of protecting and guiding our wines, throughout their process of vinification and ageing, so they are put in the market at the right time and optimal conditions.

The legacy

Our wines

Our aim is to create the best wine possible with the particular conditions of each vintage.

We believe that a wine, besides representing the land from which it comes, should reflect the year when it was forged.

In Adegas Moure, we believe in the concept of vintage. The rainfall, the wind, the temperature or the humidity, together with other factors barely quantifiable, condition each harvest. Therefore, the qualities of wine will be modified to a greater or lesser extent, as much as we insist on repeating the same patterns in both vineyard and winery.

Our wines will have slightly different proportions of each variety, as well as the ageing time in barrels or even the tuning in bottle, before going to the market, with the only purpose of creating the best wine possible with the particular conditions of each vintage.

Text: enoarquia.com Carlos M.I

At the height of prosopopeia, imagine that your hair begins to acquire autumnal shades and finally the ochre beats the natural coloration. Imagine, I ask a little effort in doing so, that you lose all your hair and your body begins to enter a phase of lethargy.

Imagine that your finger and toes are cut off, but you feel no pain because you are almost unconscious, and the remains of your amputated limbs are removed and burnt while it is reinforcing the ties that subjected you to a cruel vine arbour.

Imagine that everything ends with a fade in black and then it comes the cold and you are absorbed.

Without knowing how long it has been, you wake up very slowly, terribly lethargic and paralysed. Upon awakening you realize that your limbs were curtailed long ago, before falling into the abyss of black unconsciousness, and begin to cry...

At last, the crying ends and you are conscious that you feel stronger. The areas where the tears sprouted from have been blocked and you feel a little tingling accompanied by a soft sensation of euphoria. The tingling, far from going down, grows and turns into an intense pleasure. Suddenly, you see that your limbs are growing back! Growth is unstoppable; you feel good, young and strong.

Each year the vines will flourish, and from their pollination new grape grains will emerge, they will grow, absorbing from the land what it offers them. Suddenly, the grape grains will begin to colour as if the chickenpox had spread throughout the vineyard, until little by little it cover it completely. The skin will begin to soften, and the grapes will become sweet. And after a few rains and many hours of sunshine... we will reap an honest and wonderful fruit that will reflect the work of man and the whims of the gods.


Mountain viticulture

An image of the landscapes and varieties of the Ribeira Sacra.
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We are distillers

Our ancestors transmitted us the legacy of alchemy.
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