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A cookie is a file that is uploaded in your computer when you access a website. Its aim is to store and recover information about your navigation. Cookies cannot damage your computer.

There are several types of cookies:

  • Session cookies expire at the end of your website navigation. These cookies allow the website for relating your actions during that particular session.
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Depending on its origin:

  • Specific-site cookies are laid down by the site you are visiting
  • Third-party cookies are laid down by a website not binded to the site you are visiting

Our specific-site cookies

Our cookies are required for the correct running of our services. These cookies contribute to improve our efficiency. Furthermore they provide you extra functionalities.

Name Goal Duration
adegasmoure_session To use certain applications or functionalities. To make the website work properly. Session
adegasmoure_cookie To provide our services correctly. To remind your activity in the site. 1 year

Cookies deactivation

At any time, you can choose to deactivate the cookies* you want by changing your browser settings**:

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