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Miño... yours, ours.

The Ribeira Sacra represents a unique natural environment that we have the duty to preserve, so that future generations can enjoy it as we do.

Wine is one of their great values and set both its landscape and their way of life, the sunny slopes of the Miño and the Sil are populated with centuries-old terraces, many of them from the Roman times, this magical architecture covered with steep slopes and thick forests define our identity and that of our wines.

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by Evaristo Rodríguez López
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All the vineyards like big rivers.
Here there is the father Miño.


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We hope to share our history with you
inviting you to visit our winery

We hope that the moment you decant the first bottle, you know a little (or much more) about what was done to achieve it.

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Antigua bodega en el río
Sala de crianza
Cambio de estación en la finca
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La bodega se yergue sobre la ladera
The hardworking men and women from the Ribeira Sacra
Tratamos con mimo nuestra materia prima
Vendimia 2017, gracias amigos
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