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We hope that the moment you decant the first bottle, you know a little (or much more) about what was done to achieve it.

Cepa Vella


Harvest: 2018

Type of grape: Mencía

Viticulture: heroic in terraces. All works are done manually.

Vineyard: Arrancada

Orientation: South

Altitude: 480m

Architecture: In terraces

Slope: 58%

Soil: Granite with slate traces and schists. With plant cover

Age of vineyard: 10/60 years

Conduction: espalier at simple cord

Pruning: Royat

Density of plantation: 4350 vines/ha

Harvest: Manual in boxes of 18 kilos

Heroes: Ramón and Antonio take care of this vineyard very carefully

Elaboration: The grape is selected manually. Later, it is destemmed and slightly pressed. It is vinified in stainless steel tanks at controlled temperature. The wine rests on its own lees for at least two months before bottling.

Vintage: This vintage began with a wet winter and cold weather, followed by a spring also humid and with average temperatures. The plants obtained water from these reserves during the summer to complete a good ripening of the grape, since this last period was considerably dry and hot. The harvest took place between 21st and 23rd of September.

Serving temperature: 12/14º (We recommend you oxygenate all of our wines of Mencía)

Alcohol content: 12.1% vol.

Total acidity: 5.1 g/l

Save time: Up to 2 years. Consume preferably during the first year

Tasting Notes: Violet colour with cherry tones. Clean and bright. Aromatically, it is covered by powerful aromas of berries, aromatic herbs and wildflowers, as well as balsamic and spicy nuances. On the palate, it is tasty and has a good volume and also a correct acidity.


75cl bottle

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