Adegas Moure has grown from the idea of a young Baldomero, and continued its journey generation after generation, in the bosom of a humble and hardworking family. And that makes us feel proud.

Portrait of a young Baldomero Moure after his arrival to Cuba.

The day that José Moure, tasted a wine from a grape named Albariño… mmm…

José Moure junior and Evaristo Rodríguez, third generation of the winery.

Paloma Rodríguez, Adrían Rodríguez and José Moure, fourth generation.

The origin


Every dream has a catalyst. An idea, which becomes a philosophy, and that ends up making it in history, and in some cases, in wine. The catalyst of our dream was Baldomero Moure.


Baldomero Moure Pérez was born in Arxuá, parish of A Cova, in 1892. Raised in the bosom of a humble family, he had to emigrate to Cuba in search of work. There, he worked in the railroad industry until he got the position as a foreman, and he got his first savings.

Back in Galicia he got married with Carmen López Moure, native to Priorato. Carmen, after a few years, inherited small lands in A Cova, place of Cuñas (where the winery is currently located). Her husband Baldomero, a lover of the wines of this area, began to buy and group small farms typical of the smallholdings, and, with the savings he had brought from America he cultivated them with vineyards, thus creating the first plots of the property.

Portrait of a young Baldomero Moure after his arrival to Cuba.


At the beginning of the twenties, the first wines were produced, which would be sold in bulk and locally due to the historical moment that the area was living, and that prevented the sale of bottled wines. At the same time, with the remains of those vinifications, the first orujos (liquors) began to be distilled, firstly, in an alquitara (previous system to still), acquired by Baldomero, and years later in a still.


From this marriage, José Moure “Pepe de Cuñas” was born. He, together with his wife Ana Vázquez, was the founder of Adegas Moure in 1958.

In the fifties, this young entrepreneur, taking advantage of the fame of being a great distiller, elaborated and bottled his first orujos (liquors). The first orujo of the house which was distributed in Galicia was called "Josana", due to José and Ana.

The day that José Moure, tasted a wine from a grape named Albariño… mmm…


In the spring of 1963, the case of methyl collapsed other producers of spirits, in the most important crisis of alcohol in Spain. This matter placed him in an advantageous position thanks to the health and quality of his product. The founder decided, already at that time, to obtain the best possible quality of its distillates, using only the best raw material, and making the first distillates of the area with a good separation of its components to achieve the best result.

We do not know which wine Pepe had tried a few years before to decide to uproot the fruit trees of that land in Cuñas and plant Albariño. What we do know is that this place had exceptional conditions for the cultivation of that grape. And he ended up becoming a pioneer in the area later known as Ribeira Sacra. Today it is our most emblematic place, the old farm in Cuñas that guards the winery. It is funny to think that as sometimes a simple fact like trying a glass of wine can change both the history.


In 1982 there would be another important event in the growth of Adegas Moure, the incorporation of the third generation. Evaristo Rodríguez and José Manuel Moure, who would be the great drivers of this wine in the world.

José Moure junior and Evaristo Rodríguez, third generation of the winery.


The good training and vision of the new managers of the company provokes a great qualitative leap. In 1986 it was built a new winery (which currently houses the barrel room) with more advanced technology, and the techniques of both cultivation and vinification are modernized, to which a few years later the improvements in the distillation systems would be joined. Spirits with the brands of "A Chisca" and "A Cepa” started bottling, and a few years later it was the first wines.

White Abadía da Cova, composed entirely of Albariño from the farm in Cuñas, was the first wine of Adegas Moure.


Our small company began to grow, betting on quality wines and spirits, and soon was positioned as a support for a guarantee of origin (denomination of origin), which together with two other wineries were pioneers in agglutinating for the formation of this quality seal. From these meetings, the ideas for its constitution (with a prominent role by Evaristo Rodríguez, current manager of the firm) arose and would culminate in the creation of it in 1995.


In 2004, the current winery of vinification of young wines, the laboratory and a winery of micro vinification were built, where I+D+i projects are developed.

The company continues its growth process by consolidating itself as an innovative entity and a benchmark within the Ribeira Sacra. From the earliest elaborations, numerous local, national and international awards and recognitions are achieved and wine begins to export to different European countries such as Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Finland or Sweden, and to other markets such as Mexico, Canada, USA or China.


Nowadays, the fourth generation of the winery (Paloma, José y Adrián) begins their career, continuing the paths of experimentation and continual improvements in the field work and winery, well-established in the philosophy of Adegas Moure.

Paloma Rodríguez, Adrían Rodríguez and José Moure, fourth generation.

Adegas Moure


“In silence and darkness, the lethargic vine begins to stir…”

Ribeira Sacra represents an unique natural environment, which we have the duty to preserve, so future generations can enjoy it like us.

We are a small family, which has been dedicated for generations to make wines and spirits in the heart of the Ribeira Sacra, in a magical place known as "O Cabo do Mundo".

The aim of Abadía da Cova is to produce wines, liquors and spirits with the least possible intervention, respecting and protecting the environment. The goal that we have marked since the birth of this company is to maintain the authenticity and typicity of our raw material, so that it arrives to our clients with the maximum guarantee of quality and origin.

We are absolutely involved in the viticulture of precision, the conservation of the land, and the respect for the cultural values of our environment. We carry out all the works manually, searching of authentic, healthy and sustainable products to reach the highest quality standards.

Commitment to the environment from a human, cultural and economic perspective

Quality and Origin guarantee

Minimal intervention in the raw material

Bet for wine tourism

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