The wine of the xacias

The xacias of A Cova

The xacias of A Cova




In O Cabo do Mundo and the riverbanks that extend in its vicinity, live some beautiful creatures: the xacias.


In the kingdom of the Xacias there is a river, the Miño, and a cascade of banks that descend towards it. There is a labyrinth of paths that connect the villages with the vineyards, clouds of chestnut trees that alleviate the heat in summer and cherry trees that in spring spread a veil of white flowers over the landscape.


They live in deep pools of the river, most of which are in the municipalities of Chantada, O Saviñao, Pantón and Carballedo. Rarely are they lavished before the eyes of the people. Occasionally, a slight splash in the water, a branch moving on the shore even when there is no wind, or a column of bubbles breaking on the surface reveals its presence.


Although they are half person and half fish, these magical beings have the ability to become human in order to interact with us without being discovered. But they have to have good reasons to do so.


One September afternoon a few years ago, four beautiful women passed through the winery, each carrying a basket of grapes on their heads. The first had mencía, the second merenzao, the third caíño and the last one contained sousón. Added to the surprise at the presence of the strangers was the astonishment at the fabulous appearance of the grapes, which shone in the evening sun.


One of them lowered the basket and rested it on her hip. Then she took a cluster and raised it in the air, in full view of those present, who were still stunned, they saw how, as the cluster moved in the air, it left behind a bright purple trail. "Have you ever seen such beautiful grapes?" No one answered, but from the glances that passed between them, it was clear what the answer was. "Would you like to know in which vineyards on these riverbanks they have been cultivated?". Once again, without anyone responding, it was known what everyone thought. After a few seconds of absolute silence and suspicious glances, someone asked, "In exchange for what would you give us that treasure?" The women exchanged knowing glances and the oldest of them moved ahead of the others, getting closer to the small group of people. "In exchange for each vintage you dedicate a part of the harvest of these vineyards, to make the favorite wine of the Xacias". After the logical cries of fright and astonishment, another of those present asked: "And what is that wine?" The three youngest Xacias smiled mischievously, while the oldest of them continued explaining: "It is the wine that results from choosing the best bunches of these red grape varieties, but elaborating them as if they were white grapes." Some laughter was heard, since the men and women of these riverbanks had always made the elaborations in the traditional way: red as red and white as white. Then, someone shouted, "the wine of the Xacias, it's like them, neither one thing nor the other!".


Seeing that no one seemed to be interested in helping them make their wine, the women turned and were about to leave when suddenly someone stopped them, shouting behind their backs, "I'll make the Xacias' wine!".


Since that afternoon, our family has an agreement with them: before each harvest, they show us the best grapes and then, each fall, we return the favor, giving them bottles of wine that they keep in the same deep wells where they live and where, according to legend, they keep their enormous treasures.



(Story created by Abadía da Cova-Adegas Moure)











Manuel López Rosendo · 23 March, 2022 - 11:03

Que fantástico relato, hace tiempo había oído algún comentario. Referente al vino me parece de una excelente calidad y con un bonito nombre.

Edi · 23 March, 2022 - 11:03

Precioso relato na honra dun delicioso viño e dos seres que habitan o noso río Miño: os xacíos.
Este viño rosado é froito do esforzo e adicación duns homes e mulleres que buscan sorprender con novos sabores a todos.

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