The Micro Vinification Winery is our playroom and for dreams

Abadía da Cova has always been a benchmark for innovation in Ribeira Sacra, evidenced by the innumerable awards for investigations in the vineyards and in the winery, and as they can treasure the collaborating entities and different wineries that with which we have shared this exciting way.

Nowadays, the main objective is to increase our collaborations in scientific research, as well as projects of I+D+i of own initiative of the winery. Thus, this year the facilities of the micro-vinification winery are being increased and improved, and at the same time, it is attended to the birth of a project promoted by the new generation, in order to produce a new wine based on the knowledge and techniques more current, both in field and in the winery.

Distillery like a developer to the creation of the geographical indication of spirits and traditional liquors of Galicia

First R&D&I in producing a Mencía wine aging in barrels

Winery is a driving forc of the D.O Ribeira Sacra

First rosé in D.O. in 2014


In which we are involved


Galician wines with alternative wine management.

Technical card

Project in development

Research projects of Adegas Moure 2017

Selection processes and inoculation of native yeasts from our vineyards

Developed by UPM
(Polytechnic University of Madrid).

Project in development

Innter Winargal 2015

Valuing the varietal and botanical richness of Galicia, as well as the generated wine products

Technical card

More information

FEDER-Innterconecta 2013

Integrated pest and disease management in vineyards: use of vegetable and fish oils

In collaboration with the USC
(University of Santiago de Compostela)

FEDER-Innterconecta 2011

Potential improvement winemaking of Galician varieties. Agronomic optimization and effect of microclimate in the incidence of fungal diseases

Research projects of Adegas Moure 2008

Epimedemiology and negative effects of the virus of the coiling of the vine in the quality of the musts of the main red varieties cultivated in Galicia

In collaboration with the USC
(University of Santiago de Compostela).

Research projects of Adegas Moure 2005

Adaptation of process of maintenance of the soil alternative to the farm work in vineyards on slope in Galicia. Agronomic effects and in the quality of the wines.

National Progam of Diet 2002

Improvement of the quality and competitiveness of the wines

In collaboration with the USC
(University of Santiago de Compostela)

Innova Adega 2000

Conservation of the genetic resources of agri-food industry interest

National programme of Agri-food industry resources and technologies.

Innova Adega 1998

Research in production improvements and technical preparation of wineries





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